Brite Idea Lab

Brite Idea Lab  is a member network platform that "Matches" entrepreneurs with ideas to corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and universities (collectively called “organizations”) looking for those ideas.  It is essentially for the entrepreneur ecosystem.


Brite Idea Lab solves two problems: 1) How entrepreneurs connect with funding and other resources.   2) The long-standing, insurmountable problem of how someone outside an organization can connect with the correct person inside a corporation who might be interested in their innovative idea.   


Brite Idea Lab creates a “safe” environment where organizations can freely solicit innovations, without feeling like someone is “stalking” them or becoming a nuisance.   Conversely, because of how the software is constructed it protects the intellectual property of the idea submitter by securely taking them through various levels of sharing the specifics of their innovation with the “collecting” organization.


Brite Idea Lab uses keywords, categories, needs and wants to route submitted ideas to the correct person within an organization who is looking for that specific type of innovation. Using the same keywords, categories and other match criteria, designated persons inside the organization build a profile of the type of ideas for which they are looking, and Brite Idea Lab uses proprietary matching algorithms to connect and introduce the idea submitter to the idea collector.    A person can create and submit an unlimited number of ideas.  The platform also allows an entrepreneur or small business to manually submit an idea to other entrepreneurs, corporations, organizations or sellers.


Keep in mind that an “idea” could be just a pure idea, prototype where a working model has been developed, patented invention, start-up company or existing business with an innovative offering who wants to connect with an organization who might be interested in their innovation.


Additionally, if the submitter needs assistance with fully developing their idea they can record their specific needs and wants (i.e. an attorney to patent their idea, marketing assistance, a CPA) and Brite Idea will automatically connect them with product/service providers who can fulfill those needs and wants


Entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations/organizations and sellers each have a unique Dashboard that tracks the status of each idea. The Dashboard enables direct communication between any of the above users and it allows ideas to be forwarded to other persons for their review.


The bottom line is Brite Idea Lab is the game-changing platform that provides the technology infrastructure to connect an idea submitter anywhere in the world to an organization anywhere in the world that is looking for their idea.