Connecting the Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Brite Idea Lab is a public 360 Innovation Portal "MATCHING" entrepreneurs, inventors, students, and small business IDEAS with resources from angels, capital funding sources, corporations, organizations, plus product and service providers. (more


Brite Idea Lab recognizes that today... the entrepreneurial ecosystem utilizes SEARCH and multiple venues to find what they "Need" or "Want."   The question... is there a better more efficient, safer, targeted approach to "find and be found?" 

MATCH is the new SEARCH

Brite Idea Lab believes that when Members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem self-post their "wants" and "needs" that their digital Match Concierge can automatically find, and deliver, more precise MATCH candidates. 

Global Entrepreneur Match Network

Brite Idea Lab  MACHINE MATCHING represents a NEW generation of Internet innovation where members control who TARGETS them and for what purpose.   Where members control what they WANT and define how much,  or how little, to SHARE with people they don't know.  Where members have new "TOOLS" to manage new engagements online and share "finds" with colleagues.    Are YOU ready for this next chapter in member-to-member collaboration?




The following eight features make Brite Idea Lab a unique "find and be found" member experience

  • 3 Member Profiles

    Good-bye to ONE size profile communities.  Brite Idea Lab features 3  profiles tailored to individuals,  corporations, and service providers.

  • Unlimited Sub-Profiles

    Gone are the days of one profile - one idea.  Brite Idea Lab recognizes Entrepreneurs have multiple ideas, businesses and projects - each with their own unique Match Criteria.  

  • Match Concierge

    Now you have your own Match Genie who is always "at your fingertips" to TARGET your finds,  based on what you really WANT.   You are now in control! 

  • My Match Dashboard

    If MATCH takes SEARCH to the next level, then we need a dashboard  to manage the newly generated Match candidates targeted by your Match Concierge Genie.    

  • Follow Me

    Now that we have Matched and  I have really checked you out, lets stay in touch on an ongoing machine email notification basis.    What's NEW with you? 

  • Storefront

    If you are a SELLER of products and/or services - then let's feature your best four (4) and link  directly to your sell page, or promotion collateral. 

  • Crowd Cheering

    YES, they love me...just look at my FOLLOWS,  or more importantly, my crowd-cheering  5 star reviews and written comments.  The tribe has spoken!  


Brite Idea Lab  MATCH recognizes that members are not "one size fits all."   The goal is to provide members with the ability to create an experience that can be minimal, or robust, as defined by the members need to FIND or PROMOTE  something they have or want.    The new MATCH portal must recognize that individuals may have "many" ideas, ventures and businesses - each with their own need and offerings.    Plus,  recognize that user management and control are essential by providing a Match Consigner that will continually review ALL members to automatically deliver matches 24/7/365,  or on command. 

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  • Entrepreneurs

    Brite Idea Lab is designed to serve  entrepreneurs, inventors, students and individuals, in every walk of life,  who have thousands of IDEAs and maybe a Unicorn or two 

  • Small Business

    Brite Idea Lab serves small businesses to include Merchants who want to scale and connect with resources to help them grow 

  • Angels

    Brite Idea Lab serves the funding marketplace consisting of early stage investors, Angels and Angel Funds - by defining their funding "sweet spot." 

  • Funds & VC

    Brite Idea Lab enables entrepreneurs to TARGET the later-stage funding marketplace, consisting of Angel funds,  VC and Institutional Investing, based on defining their funding criteria  

  • Corporations

    Corporations, to remain competitive, must address Innovation with internal and external programs and resources.  Brite Idea Lab  connects corporations to the Open 360  Entrepreneurial Ecosystem   

  • Organizations

     Brite Idea Lab serves to connect organizations, co-working space, incubators and accelerators to the Entrepreneurial ecosystem based on the "NEEDs" they serve 

  • Universities

    Higher Education,  beginning with high schools, trade schools, colleagues, and universities represent a great source of innovation talent.  The goal with Brite Idea Lab is to "connect" this talent pool to the Entrepreneur ecosystem

  • Sellers

    Brite Idea Lab serves commercial resources providing STOREFRONTS  featuring products and services targeted to the entrepreneurial ecosystem


Brite Idea Lab  recognizes the platform solution to Innovation is NOT one platform,  but a family of connected platforms - each providing a unique user experience.    (more)

  • Entrepreneurs

    Brite Idea Lab is a Match Portal for the Entrepreneur ecosystem connecting entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs, to corporations, organizations, plus product and service providers - based on user-defined NEEDS and WANTS

  • Employees

    i-Lab is an internal branded platform designed to manage the "flow of Innovation (ideas)" from employees within a corporation.   Evaluators incubate and dispatch ideas to R&D, M&A, Biz Dev, Innovation Centers  within the corporation   

  • Members

    i-MATCH is a custom internal Member Matching networking portal for large corporation member databases who want to add value and retention by fostering Member-to-Member collaboration 

  • Corporations

    i-Innovate is a public MATCH portal for C-Suite level innovation resources... to include organizations,  consultants, experts, plus product and service providers selling Innovation solutions to large corporations.   

  • Veterans

    i-SERVE is a cloud-based Match Portal designed to "connect" veterans to other veterans, veteran organizations, vet platforms, as well as resources from the government and private industry sector based on Need

  • Entertainment

    i-CREATE is a cloud-based Match Portal designed to "connect" entertainment creatives to other creatives, entertainment organizations, creative platforms, as well as resources from the entertainment industry sector - based on Need

  • Athletes

    i-Play is a cloud-based Match Portal designed to "connect" the Sports Market.  It is the "Players" portal beginning with the youth market designed to connect players with resources based on their Needs

  • World Trade

    i-TRADE is a cloud-based Match Portal designed to "connect" the World Trade Market based on NEED.   i-Trade connects Traders with other Traders, Trade Organizations, Trade Platforms, as well as commercial resources engaged in global trading