Connecting the Entrepreneur Ecosystem

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Brite Idea Lab is an Innovation Portal "MATCHING" entrepreneurs, inventors, students, and small business IDEAS with resources from angels, capital funding sources, corporations, organizations, plus product and service providers. (more

 Saving Small Business Match Powered by Brite Idea Lab  provides the entrepreneurial and small business community, devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic sequester, with a complimentary match portal to post their NEEDs and be matched with others posting resources that can fulfill their requests.  Launching April 24, 2020    (more)


Brite Idea Lab recognizes that today... the entrepreneurial ecosystem utilizes SEARCH and multiple venues to find what they "Need" or "Want."   The question... is there a better more efficient, safer, targeted approach to "find and be found?" 

MATCH is the new SEARCH

Brite Idea Lab believes that when Members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem self-post their "NEEDS" and others self-post their  "HAVES"  that their digital Match Concierge can automatically find, and deliver, more precise MATCH candidates.  (exclusive features

Global Entrepreneur Match Network

Brite Idea Lab  MACHINE MATCHING represents a NEW generation of Internet innovation where members control WHO targets them  and WHO they want to TARGET

Targeting is not bad - because you are defining your TARGET and your FIREWALL.   This self targeting  is the next generation of "find and be found" precision. 

Where members self-post what they HAVE  to SHARE with members who have self-posted what they NEED. 

Where ALL members have new Search and Match  "TOOLS" to manage their new engagements online and share "finds" with colleagues. 

Are YOU ready for this next chapter in member-to-member collaboration?


Featuring Tailord MATCH Profiles

The Brite Idea Lab GOAL is to provide a Match Market for the Entrepreneurial ecosystem. However, profiling is not "one size fits all."  Each Member has a unique profile with special functions and features.

Corporations & Organizations
Product/Service Providers
Lab Event Voters

Entrepreneurs & Investors

Brite Idea Lab enables individuals, small businesses  early-stage ventures, angels, and organizations to Match with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem based on their NEEDs

big business

Corporations & Organizations

Brite Idea Lab provides major corporations with a Match Portal to define their NEED and collect Match resources in the entrepreneurial ecosystem 

Service Providers-II

Sellers & Sponsors

Brite Idea Lab enables Product and Service providers to promote and TARGET their offerings to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Member-to-Member Match Markets  

Powered by Brite Idea Lab  provides major Programs, like COVID-19, as well as Organizations with a large member data base with a "Private" branded Member-to-Member Match Market.

This provides ALL of the members with a Member-to-Member MATCH and SEARCH advantages to achieve the following within their Member Organization 

  • Enhanced Member-to-Member Collaboration based on Ma.tching NEEDS with HAVES 24/7
  • Buy, Sell and Share products and services within the membership where both buyer and seller opt-in and self-post what they WANT or HAVE
  • Total FOLLOW Management enabling members to automatically be updated on changes by selected members
  • Full Back Office to file Match and Search Candidates, email and share with other members. 

Major Exclusive...

Profiled members in addition to Matching and Search within their own member organization can , with the click of a button, extend their "find and be found" to the entire Match Platform Universe.

Bottom Line...

Providing Member-to-Member Match Market represents a major member advantage for joining an organization.  (more)


Match Market-to-Match Market

Brite Idea Lab  recognizes the platform solution to Innovation is NOT one Match Market Platform,  but a family of connected Match platforms - each providing a unique user experience.   

Major Exclusive:    Match Platforms enable users to define their Match Criteria.   They Select the following:

  • WHERE they want to Match
  • WHO they want to Match with
  • WHAT they want to Match on

The WHO selection can include not only segmented member of their current platform, but also another custom vertical Match Market

This is possible because member of both Match Platform self-post the desired NEEDs or HAVES.   Match is a Match irrespective as to the vertical Platform tailored segmentation.   (more)