The POWER of connecting people with unlimited IDEAS

What makes Brite Idea Lab MAAS (Match As A Service) cloud-based AZURE platform exclusive is simple.  It is an enterprise scale member portal with a user-specified MATCH component enabling members to specify what they  NEED or what they HAVE.    For example:   I NEED Funding.   I HAVE funding for placement.    Machine generated MATCH automatically connects the NEEDS with the HAVES based on their Match specifications.    Conceptually, this model is similar to the popular dating services where people create a profile and then specify the "Ideal candidate" they want to MATCH.
Our patent-pending Match Consigner enables our members to specify WHO they want to Match and also on WHAT criteria.   For Brite Idea Lab, in the entrepreneur ecosystem, they can target (or filter) WHO they want to match (i.e. individuals, corporations, organizations, plus sellers of product and services).   They can specify any combination of five (5) Match Criteria consisting of keywords, needs, haves (offer/sell/share), jobs (want or opening) and categories. 
They have a back office and dashboard like Outlook, to store matches in files they create,  pus disseminate their "finds" to colleagues.  Since MATCH is based on Match Criteria, and not their profile, members can profile as much, or as little as they want, to protect their ID from people they don't know - yet "be found" based on their Match Criteria.
Why?   Today's next generation of "find and be found" is achieved when people take charge and specify exactly what they want or need.  They know exactly who their target audience is when they are buying or selling.   They know exactly what they want and when they need it.   In addition to creating a better "find, " MATCH also sets up a firewall specifying a FILTER of who can solicit them.  They now control who gets in.   MATCH is the NEW search.



Brite Idea Lab provides a better "Portal" solution for entrepreneurs to connect with resources.   Brite Idea Lab enables entrepreneurs to find resources and vice versa.   The investor can find companies with raises that match their sweet spot. But it goes beyond because entrepreneurs need more resources than just capital.  They need human and professional capital.  They need professional products and services to help then grow at an accelerated pace.


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