Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

How do you protect my IP?

We do and you do. Brite Idea Lab is hosted on the Microsoft cloud-based Azure servers employing mandatory security requirements into every phase of the development process complying with the rigorous security guidelines laid out in the Operational Security Assurance (OSA) process.   You protect your IP  by not posting it on the site or not displaying sensitive collateral for public vs. granted FOLLOWS.  The theory behind match is to use your match criteria to find and connect and after validation – create a more in-depth dialogue 

What if I want to match only with other Ideas, or just corporations?

To Match with only other Ideas turn off all three top lights on the Match Status Pop-up. To Match with just corporations turn off ALL match status lights except Corporation. 

I opened my dashboard and had 25 matches, the next day when I opened my dashboard there were NO matches – what happened?

The last 25 matches were stored in your LAST 50 File Folder in Pane #1. Click on the File Folder to see the last 50 Matches displayed in Pane #2.   From there you can Drop & Drag to file, trash or FOLLOW.  Machine delivered matches are checked against the Last 50 file.   To see new Matches – change your Match Status or Match Criteria.

How does weighting work and should I use it?

Weighting is used to deliver the most important matches in a candidate set firstt.

I turned off all of my Match Status lights but one and still got too many matches – what should I do now?

Change your Match Criteria by double-clicking your Match Status Pop-Up.

How many Ideas can I post?

Theoretically unlimited.

What are Submissions in my Dashboard message In-Box?

The are requests from people with Ideas who found you via SEARCH or you came up as a candidate from their Idea Machine Match. 

How can I find out who I submitted an Idea?

Pull up your Idea and double-click for details.  On the top tool bar click on [submissions] for that idea a the list will be displayed.  

How do I create a network or Group?

Have the Group Organizer create a sub-profile featuring the GROUP name, logos, mission statement, videos, etc., plus contact and Match Criteria. Post your Group Name in Keywords and the Group ID field.   Other Group Members can find you via idea SEARCH or Keyword machine match.   Group members can be Colleagues, FOLLOW the Group.   The Group organizer can recruit other members via Match, submit JOIN invites and process new member FOLLOW requests.    Another name for Group could be TEAM or CLUB.

What do I do with my FOLLOWS?

All profile owners manage FOLLOWS from their back office Dashboard.   They receive a combination of Follow Requests, Follow Grants and Follow Revolks.  Each are noted with an ICON.    Member work FOLLOWS by filing, trashing, or authorizing a Grant or issuing  Revolk    FOllOWS are key because they display more information and also notify follows via email when a change is made by the FOLLOWed company.

How do I know who is following each of my Ideas or small businesses?

Click on the Idea tab ICON far left and open the ideas in Pane #2. Double click to display the details and click on the [Followed] tab in the Idea Details top toolbar.   That will display all of the profiles a FOLLOW was granted.