i-Innovate – Is a public corporate innovation-centric network platform that matches corporate innovation experts,  product and service providers to medium and large corporations.   It is essentially Match.com for innovation resources within the corporate innovation market place.

i-Innovate solves two problems: 1) An organization’s need for accessing leading innovation resources within the industry.    2) The long-standing, insurmountable problem of how someone outside an organization can connect with the correct person inside the corporation.

Members can select WHO they want to target or filter (Individuals, Sellers or Corporations).   In addition they can target or filter WHAT they wnat to match.   They can select keywords, categories, content, and other criteria to both  target and filter "MATCHING" the correct person within an organization to the outside innovation resource.

Members can follow other members to initiate automatic email notifications.   Sellers and use the Storefont feature to showcase up to 4 products linked directly to their eCommerce sell pages.

Individuals, Sellers and Corporations each have a unique Dashboard that tracks the status of the matches, submissions and follow requests.   The Dashboard enables direct communication between any of the above three users and it allows ideas to be forwarded to other persons for their review.

The bottom line is i-Innovate is the game changing platform that provides the technology infrastructure to match Innovation resources anywhere in the world.