i-Lab – Is a private branded , innovation pipeline platform that manages the organization’s non-customer and non-public generated innovation ideas.   All i-Lab platfoms are tailored to each user to collect innovations and ideas from employees, suppliers, sales channels, and affiliates and route them to trained Innovation Authority's (IA's) within the organization.   IA's are charged with the responsibility to receive, acknowledge and curate each idea submitted to them.

i-Lab, which generally sits behind the organization’s IT “firewall,” provides a continuous stream of innovative ideas by using keywords, categories, content, and other criteria to match submitters to IA's    A person can submit an unlimited number of ideas and the platform also allows "evaluators" to use crowd-cheeriing to critique ideas with one to five stars as well as written critiques.

i-Lab allows an organization to connect all their innovation related areas by enabling the initial Innovation Authority to assess the idea, form a study group or Innovation Master Mind Group to further analyze the idea or forward it to their Research & Development function, Mergers & Acquisitions area, Business Development operation or external Innovation Center or Foundry.

It also facilitates the rewarding of idea submitters by tracking the number of, “quality”, and final outcome of their submitted ideas. Idea submitters and collectors each have a comprehensive Dashboard that tracks the status of each idea and provides for direct communication between them, thus keeping the idea submitter in the loop as to what is happening with their idea. The Innovation Authority function and Dashboard operate the same for both i-Innovate and i-Lab, therefore enabling a person to easily perform the same function for both software platforms.

i-Lab provides a critical infrastructure for a Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) or the person in charge of an organization’s innovation strategy because it provides an easy to use tool to monitor and manage their program. It also enables the determination of an ROI on their innovation initiative, thereby providing either a validation of their program, or insights into what changes may be required.

The result is the use of i-Lab enables the weaving of innovation into the very fabric of an organization by fully connecting it to employee, supplier, sales channel, and affiliate idea submitters.