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i-MATCH.....it's a Community, a Network and a Market

i-MATCH has ONE purpose.  That is to connect Members-to-Members in a large Organization - whether it is to simply collaborate, network or buy/sell/share and trade with each other.


i-MATCH provides Organizations with two (2) platform options.   They are...

Powered by ......  Where the organization is hosted on an existing Match Platform like Brite Idea Lab - the Match Platform for the Entrepreneur Ecosystem.

Private Branded Match Platform.   The Organization has their own branded cloud-based Match Platform where all profiles, match algorithms and back office features are customized to the Organization.    An example would be AARP.


Both hosting options provide members with full Search and Match features.   Match enables members of an organization to connect with each other based upon their needs, wants, interests, or products/services.

The Service Provider Storefront option enables member-to-member selling or offering special member discounts for up to 4 products.    Members can also choose to create individual or corporation profiles - each with their own contacts and Match Criteria

i-MATCH does not just deliver Match and Search candidates based on member specified targeting, but provides a member dashboard to work their candidates.   They can file in folders they name, trash and never receive them again, email, add to their contact list and follow.

More importantly, they can share "finds" with follow members and colleagues to create a true collaborative community, network or marketplace experience.


Match represents the highest form of Targeting - because both memberS specifically self-post what they WANT or HAVE.  The Match Algorithm matches the Wants with the Haves and delivers them 24/7 to the member inbox.  This means Members are in control of who they connect with and FIREWALL who they don't want to connect.   Member choose if they want to be solicited by product and service providers.


The platform monitors matches delivered and will not deliver the same match twice - if you file it in one of your folders or trash it.


Both i-MATCH Platform options have a one time fee associated with set-up and mass onboarding of existing members.   Monthly hosting charges are based on the number of Match member profiles.   The Private Branded Match Platform has a one time custom branding and hosting fee,  plus additional cloud SaaS maintenance and support fees.  All Match platforms are hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


 i-MATCH is designed to foster member-to-member collaboration that MEMBERS control.   It is "way-beyond" traditional member search.   Match dramatically increases member-to-member value proposition for being part of the organization.