i-Match – Is a branded, organization specific software platform that enables members of an organization or persons associated with it to connect with each other based upon their needs, wants, interests, or products/services.   Multiple organizations can be linked together, and the member interaction can include innovation and collaboration activities. New and existing members “Opt-In” to i-Match and add their Match criteria based on their needs, wants, interests, or products/services they offer.

An example of i-Match in action would be if Home Depot, as a service to them wanted to connect all their Contractors in a beneficial and meaningful way. Thereafter, let’s say a General Contractor in Atlanta, GA just was awarded a project in Nashville, TN and they were new to the Nashville, TN market. They could use i-Match to search and connect with all the sub-contractors they would need for the project. Another example would be a Contractor in Columbus, Ohio who was unhappy with their current Drywall Contractor who then could use i-Match to find a new Drywall Contractor.

In a typical organization people get connected to each other by just “bumping into each other”, who you are already connected with (LinkedIn), or by a simplistic list of shared interests.    Whereas, i-Match provides a much more comprehensive matching/connecting criteria including shared interests, values, needs, expertise, objectives, and products/services they offer.

i-Match uses proprietary matching algorithms to introduce and connect members who have complementary profiles, or a member can manually search for and connect with another member. Each member has a Dashboard that enables management of their connections. Members can forward connections to other connections and establish collaboration groups. i-Match dramatically increases member-to-member communication and collaboration and enlarges the value members obtain from being part of the organization.