Powered by Brite Idea Lab

Powered by Brite Idea Lab  provides major Programs, like COVID-19, as well as, organizations with a large member data base with a "Private" branded Member-to-Member Match Market.

This provides ALL of the members with a Member-to-Member MATCH and SEARCH advantages to achieve the following within their Member Organization 

  • Enhanced Member-to-Member Collaboration based on Ma.tching NEEDS with HAVES 24/7
  • Buy, Sell and Share products and services within the membership where both buyer and seller opt-in and self-post what they WANT or HAVE
  • Total FOLLOW Management enabling members to automatically be updated on changes by selected members
  • Full Back Office to file Match and Search Candidates, email and share with other members.



Profiled members in addition to Matching and Search within their own member organization can , with the click of a button, extend their "find and be found" to the entire Match Platform Universe.



Providing Member-to-Member Match Market represents a major member advantage for joining an organization.  



Existing Members are uploaded to the Brite Idea Lab with a stamdard .csv member port provided by the Organization.

Members ported receive a WELCOME email from (Organization Name) Match Market.   They are provided with a "Get Started"
script containing their downloaded information for which they can correct and complete their Sign-Up entering passwords and accepting the User Agreement.

That's it - they are good to go and can from that point forward add photo's/logo's, files, videos., contacts and even enhance their Match Criteria.



Programs and Organizations are charged a one time fee for uploading existing members, to include 2 options for adding new members.

Monthly they will receive an invoice for maintenence & support as well as a SaaS member fee scaled on the numbers of members at the end of the billing cycle.

Example Program - Powered by Brite Idea Lab

Saving Small Business

90 Day Trial