Georgia Capital Expo is a Virtual Trade Show for  the Georgia Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that digitally simulates an annual physical Trade Show.     (Video Tour)  

The Capital Expo Virtual Platform is unique,  in that it hosts multiple Trade Shows, called Pavilions,  on one platform. 

Pavilion owners have their own Virtual Space they create and mange.    Pavilion Event Producers brand their Lobby, Aisles and Auditorium.  They approve their Exhibitors and set Sponsor pricing for their Lobby, Aisles, and Auditorium.   

Pavilion Owners  examples are Venture Atlanta, TIE, Ritz Group,  The Farm, or any  University.   It is anyone who incubate Entrepreneurs.

The virtual goal is identical to the physical goal.   Feature the Event Producer, their programs and their Exhibitors - organized by categories, called Aisles they define.

It is their SHOW within the Georgia Capital Expo and visitors can SEARCH the venue or "swipe left" on each aisle displaying the most popular or featured Exhibitors.

The goal with Capital Expo is to make it a no charge event for Entrepreneurs, students, and non-profit organizations.     The funding for the Virtual Capital Expo will be provided by a Private/Public initiative to include  5 to 10 corporate sponsors active in supporting our community Entrepreneur Ecosystem.   (Sponsor Video Deck)

Sponsors can also Sponsor specific Events, Lobby's, Ailes and Auditoriums.   This money is posted directly in the Pavilion Owners Direct Deposit Account.     The Capital Expo GOAL is to share 75% of that revenue with participating Event stakeholders.   (more